thing to know: I am here for YOU. This career means nothing if I haven't taken your bundle of nerves and transformed them into a confidence booster. You already HAVE what it takes. Please believe that. Every woman has a little side of her that wants to show off and feel and look her sexiest. Yes, girl. DO THAT. I got you. I promise you 100%, you will love your boudoir experience. Remember, it's the exact reason I am here. YOU.

Second thing: Together, we create an atmosphere perfect for relaxing and just letting it all hang out. Do you want to shoot outdoors somewhere special to you? We can do that. I have shot in a field, on top of a parking garage, in hotels, and in home! Want the studio experience instead? Let's talk about it!

The first 90 minutes of your studio session is Glam!

Professional hair and makeup with our in-house artist, Mish, is sure to get the blood pumping. Prior to your shoot, I sent you a questionnaire to get to know your style preferences, makeup choices, any skin sensitivities and more.

We can pick out music, we can look through the client closet to see if anything looks fun to wear for your shoot. There are heels and accessories and all sorts of interesting things there. Of course, you bring what you want to wear, too.

We mix it up.

Once you're dressed and feeling nervous but HOT (look at you!), we start! I like to start off with modest posing by the window, on a chair etc. Just to get warmed up. I will show you how amazing those couple shots already are and you will see just how great this is going to be (if you're not feeling it quite yet, don't fret!) We'll get there!

This is where a Pinterest board comes in super handy! I add new poses into every shoot I do. I get inspiration from other photographers, magazines, facebook groups, books, ads, commercials, mannequins at Target, everywhere really. I even pose in front of the mirror and see where poses can be modified to look best on MY clients. Now, YOU bring in your own board of poses you want to try and BAM, we got lots to work with now. PLUS, and this is a big plus, when you see something you like, I encourage you to try the pose before your session. Practice in the mirror at home, set up your phone and practice on the floor, on your bed, etc. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just gives you an idea how your body feels in different poses and angles. Always great to be ahead of the game but if you're not comfortable doing that yourself, do NOT worry about it. Remember what I said. I got you!


  • OK! We moved through the interesting ideas, outfits, and maybe even experimented with a few nude poses. All a success. You did it! 3 hours just flew by, didn't it? (it really does!) Your session is now complete. I know, it's kinda a bummer for us both. We just had a BLAST and I knew we would, but every great party must come to an end. I know. I will miss you, too!
  • NOW, You're feeling amazing, looking stunning, and just full of excitement, empowerment, and confidence! Strut your stuff, girl! Hit those streets with that head held high knowing you just did something for YOURSELF. You conquered your own nerves, insecurities, and fears to put yourself out there. You took a chance, and it paid off BIG TIME.
  • I will now get all those gorgeous shots up on my Mac and start culling through. Once I get them ready (7 days or so), we will set up a time for you to come back to the studio for the best part...

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