Hey, beautiful! Ever Imagined yourself as a model for a day, photographed by an award-winning photographer? No?? You should! And you should do it with me, Nicole Fey, fellow woman over 40 (over 50 actually!) Together we will capture your experience in beautiful outfits or your lingerie and you will be treated to working with our full glam squad that elevate, pamper and beautify YOU.

What's this all about?

The Boudoir Experience with Nicole Fey Photography is proud to announce a first-time event created just for the Over 40 Woman.

40 Women aged 40 and older will receive a customized portrait session and the best is tailored specifically to THEM with solid, flattering backdrops and elegant posing.

As more seasoned women, we have unique needs. Not always interested in the perfect body anymore, we shine in our own light, our own individuality, and frankly, our sometimes newfound courage to flip off the world if it doesn’t like us. HELL YEAH!

Still, I understand it can be challenging to prioritize yourself, to step out of your comfort zone, and to find the perfect moment to do something courageous like this.

But guess what? You ARE courageous. And the perfect moment is RIGHT NOW! The only thing better than starting a decade ago is starting today!

And guess what else? This is not your typical boudoir shoot.

Dress to dazzle in your favorite ball gown, a new power suit, or simple jeans and tee! I told you this is a unique event all about YOU.


over 40 & fabulous

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Not 40 yet? Book my Boudoir portrait session for your own unique experience.

"“Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”"

—– Betty Friedan

The Process


Fill out the form and I will reach out if you qualify. We can text, get on the phone, or even meet at the studio for coffee. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better, chat about the experience from start to finish, and answer any questions you might have.

20 minutes


Get READY to be pampered and styled by my hair & makeup artist. You will gasp when you see your professional makeover!

When it’s my turn, we start simple then get more creative with posing as we go. I guide you every step. No stress, just an amazing experience!

3 hours


In a few days, we meet back at the studio for your  GALLERY REVEAL! You’ll be amazed at the personalized slideshow I create for you! We go through each of your magazine-quality retouched photos and you choose the ones you love!

1 hour

It's Time To Allow Yourself The Gift Of Empowerment, Colorado.

❤️ EVERY Over 40 woman deserves this experience. 

❤️ Your weight doesn't define your beauty.

❤️ Sexy can't be lost, no matter what age you are. Gray hairs, wrinkles, sagging, who cares!! We all have them!

What do you think of the ladies featured? They are gorgeous but guess what? They are NOT models or have any training in front of the camera at all. They are everyday women who came to me with the same questions and concerns you may have.

Am I too old?

Have I lost my looks?

Should I lose weight/get botox/dye my hair?

Is this stupid? I shouldn't do this, it's stupid. Right?


Man, society is hard on us. As women in general, we have fought hard just to get noticed sooo often. Well, I am sick of it. Women are providers, nurturers, achievers, doers, AMAZING beings. I am here to celebrate allll the achievements, the scars included. It's fucking beautiful.


I GET FEELING THAT WAY SOMETIMES, TOO. But that does NOT have to be the case, and frankly, I wouldn't be doing this if I believed that. So, what if you are living your best life now and just need to document it as a reminder?

Look at everything your session includes:

  • Wardrobe Guidance and Styling ($200 Value)
  • My Ultimate Guide with Tips & Tricks to prep for your shoot
  • Professional Makeover (Hair And Make-Up, & Lashes!) ($200 value)
  • Fully Guided Photoshoot With Coaching Into The Best Poses For Your Body. Everything from eyelash to pointed toe ($399 Value)
  • Multiple Outfits, Multiple Sets, Multiple Poses, Different Lighting  to Flatter all the best Angles
  • Access To Studio's Accessories & Shoes
  • In-Person Reveal & Ordering Session with over 50 Magazine-Quality Images to choose from
  • One portrait of your choice, printed on archival paper and mounted for display-ready beauty ($1195 Value!)
  • an Unforgettable "Model For The Day" Experience. Each session is unique to each woman!
  • All for only $425 (a $1569 savings!)

and Don't Worry!

You won't be alone!

You will be in good company with 39 other women taking part in the same movement! BUT, the forty spots WILL FILL UP fast. So, you need to act before it's sold out!

Becoming a no-brainer, yet?

Featured is Ms M. Over 40 and fabulous woman!

I See You.

You are more than just a woman...

"Just" a mom (grandma even!)

...a wife

..a woman in the prime of her life

This opportunity gives women just like you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to appreciate themselves for who they REALLY are; a fierce mature woman in 2024 who knows she is more than a title. But she needs someone skilled at showing her exactly how to convey her own power to the world.

Nicole is a 52 year old FIERCE woman in her own right. She is skilled at posing the mature woman to showcase exactly what she wants and minimize what she doesn't.

Gorgeous Ms S. Over 40 & Fabulous

You worked HARD to get here.

Let's celebrate the incredible, strong, resilient, beautiful, and empowered woman YOU have become. There is literally no better time than NOW. Time waits for no one.

Not Sure Why You Need A Photo Shoot Like This or What You Would Even DO With the Pictures?

Picture it: Several years down the road and you’re feeling a little blah. Maybe you have had a long week or you’re just feeling uninspired.

You look over and there you are, on the wall, framed in that gorgeous dress you just knew would be perfect. Looking amazing, feeling empowered, shining bright. You remember, and you SMILE.

How about reaching onto the shelf and grabbing the beautiful album we created together in your favorite texture and color. Thumbing through the pages, all your favorite poses from that day reminding you just how amazing you felt.. You see you just as I saw you that day. Perfectly YOU.

Reasons enough? I have plenty more if you’re still wondering,

Everyday to Slayyy

Every client enjoys luxurious pampering in a silk robe and slippers, sipping on her beverage of choice, and just enjoying the attention from the team.

★★★★★ verified google reviews

Beauty Photographer & Hype Woman Extraordinaire

Hello fellow Over 40's, I am Nicole Fey

In a nutshell, I am your #1 support system. Nervous about posing? Don't know what to wear? I got you. Listen I am also a mature woman and super hype woman. I know where you're at and I understand. I also know what I am doing and I believe in you 100%. We got this!


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