Frequently Asked Questions



Can you tell me the process start to finish?

Sure can! It's quite simple actually. We meet at the studio or somewhere convenient for coffee or connect on the phone so we can get to know each other and get cozy chatting about the details. Once you say YES! and the retainer fee is paid, we set your date and I will book my HMUA, Mish. Your luxurious session will start off with hair and makeup pampering, coffee, (or whatever you like to drink!), snacks, chatting, and MUSIC. YAY! After you're fully dolled up and dressed (you bring the outfits), we start the photo shoot. No stress, I guide you all the way. I will demonstrate posing and help you with arms and expressions. It is some work but will be a blast, I promise! About a week after, you come back for your Private Reveal and Ordering appointment. At this appointment, you choose the photos you love! It WILL be tough, I warn you now! Most ladies decide on purchasing a "middle" Collection to avoid deleting any photos they love. This appointment can last one hour or three. It is customized to you and what YOU want!

Is it normal to be so nervous about booking?

Oh my gosh, YES! Listen, even I get nervous sometimes because I want everything to be just perfect for you! (We can be nervous together). You will soon learn that all the fear and anxiety leading up to the session disappears once you see there is nothing to be afraid of. I am a very chill person and so is my HMUA, Mish. Trust the process, love. You are going to have a blast.

I have no idea how to pose. Will you help?

YES! I am an Expert Posing & Expression Coach so feel free to calm those nerves! I am trained for the everyday woman to feel comfortable in front of my camera. No experience necessary! PLUS, a big part of my style is CANDID shots. This means I grab shots while you are laughing naturally or that second when I see a perfect expression. All you do is relax and listen! From a subtle head tilt to that booty pop, it’s all there. Remember, this is my full-time job. I got you!

Can I do my own hair and makeup?

Ya know, if you wanna rock your own talents, do it! But, I work with amazing artists who would love to fuss over you for an hour. Plus, you CHOOSE YOUR LOOK well in advance so no surprises. Of course, it's still your choice. Glam is already included in your session fee so no extra cost to take advantage!

How much does it cost?

The retainer fee is $299 and includes your hair and makeup makeover, a 3 hour photo session, your private reveal and ordering appointment, and $200 to use toward photo purchase, same as cash. You choose your Collection and other photo products like wall art, bedside displays, and even digitals at that appointment. Please check out the Investment tab for more info including payment options!

Do you have a studio?

Yes! My studio is a welcoming space in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Easy on and off I-25. 100% private and secure.

This is what you’ll see

Me behind my camera composing you and the scene just right. Just another visual to get the juices flowing. Not so scary, right?