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What in the world is Boudoir anyway?


"How do I know it's for ME?"




💛 is YOU. You already HAVE what it takes. I promise you that!

💛A photo session like no other. Hello, GLAM! Hello LINGERIE!

💛an INVESTMENT in YOURSELF. When is the last time you did that?

💛for EVERY body type. ALL WOMEN are beautiful

💛is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Each woman you see here is your average wife, mom, girl next door. I pose you!

💛for women of EVERY age. You can NEVER lose your SEXY! Gray hair and life lines prove you ARE the badass I already know you are!

"Our brand is more than just a photo session - it's an investment in yourself. At The Boudoir Experience, we understand the value of feeling confident and empowered as a woman. Our mission is to provide a premium experience that celebrates your individual beauty and helps you see yourself in a new light. From the moment you book your session, we will work with you to create a customized plan that meets your unique needs and desires. Our goal is to make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself."

—Our Mission Statement

Sometimes it helps to hear it from other people.

Listen to Holly offer her testimonial on her own shoot.

"My body does not define me. My attitude does."

—Martina Vole

Wanna hear a little secret?

Every woman wants to unleash her inner goddess!

Every woman wants to unleash her inner goddess. ww

Whether you're looking to celebrate your relationship, mark a special occasion, or simply treat yourself to a luxurious and empowering experience, Nicole will capture your unique essence with her expert eye for detail and composition. The result? Beautiful you x 1000.

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"Having a boudoir shoot with Nicole was one of the best decisions I've ever made"

It was so empowering!!She ensured I was completely comfortable, was the BEST hype woman, and took amazing photos!

1 / 5

"be in charge of your own life. Turn negatives into positives and be proud to be a woman."

-Diane Von Furstenberg







"As a former servicemember in the US Navy, I witnessed first-hand the harsh standards and pressures society imposes on women. It's bs, quite honestly. That's why I love boudoir photography. It has the power to rapidly transform how you perceive yourself, bringing a realization that everyone deserves to experience."

Do you ever have days, despite your success, you don’t feel worth it or pretty enough? I know I do. With boudoir, you will FEEL just how worthy and beautiful you actually are.

Boudoir is one of the few ways you can actually SEE yourself the way I, your friends and/or significant other see you. To show that to you is one of the MOST powerful things we can do with photography.

I believe every person is a beautiful being, and I am passionate about creating a safe space for everyone to be themselves and leave their session feeling more confident, beautiful, and empowered to be themselves. I hype you up!

Nope, you don’t have to be a model, skinny, or “photogenic.” Like it says in my studio "A beautiful thing is never perfect". All you have to do is schedule your session, show up, and we’ll take care of everything.

Take a chance on yourself.

You are a badass and deserve to be treated like one.


The Process

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We can text, chat on the phone, or even meet at the studio for coffee. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better, chat about the experience from start to finish, and answer any questions you might have. No sales-y stuff!

30 minutes

Your Boudoir Session

Your Boudoir Session

Get READY to be pampered and styled by my hair & makeup artist. We snack, we joke, we... dance? Why not! When it’s my turn, we start simple then get more creative with posing as we go. I guide you every step. No stress, just an amazing experience!

5 hours

Reveal & Ordering

Reveal & Ordering

In about a week, we meet back at studio for your Big Screen GALLERY REVEAL! You’ll be amazed at the personalized slideshow I create for you! We go through each of your photos and you purchase the ones you love!

2 hours

"The sexiest thing a woman can wear is confidence."

—Coco Chanel


woman in a wedding veil
red haired woman posing in a corset
expectant couple posing in front of a window
woman in red lingerie adjusting her garter

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people."

—Annie Leibovitz

Ms. S raves about her shoot...

"True art both myself and my husband ADORE"

"Thank you for being you, Nicole. For embracing this art and all the energy you put in! My experience was magical and empowering I have never used both those words together. You gave me a version of myself in motherhood/being a wife I set aside and now she is here!"

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All ladies welcome!

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All the gorgeous ladies you just saw? Each one felt how you are feeling right now.

Maybe you're feeling ready to book or perhaps you need a little more reassurance. Both are perfectly normal. Check out the FAQ tab for even more detailed info!

Behind the scenes with Nicole

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Kind Words from Ms. D!


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Look, I know it can be a big decision. As women, we’re used to investing in the happiness and empowerment of others, but not always in our own.

Right?? I can help.

Click the button below and I will send you my personally curated guide What to Expect From a Boudoir Photo Shoot

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Ms. B shares what influenced her to book

"I asked for recommendations and Nicole was in the Top 3"

"I originally had a few other meetings set with other photographers. But after our consult I canceled them. I just felt like I had found where I was supposed to be."

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She was shaking she was so nervous. BUT, she soon relaxed after she realized how amazing the experience was going to be!!

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You now have some pretty solid reasons to "Just Do the Shoot".

What's stopping you???

How about some Before & After magic?!

Listen to Nicole talk about her "Why" and what this work means to her!

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Erika M

“I was so impressed with how comfortable and relaxed Nicole made me feel."

I am not a shy person by nature but walking into that studio was intimidating. Not for long!! Wow, what an experience it was from start to finish. Can we do it again?!

woman posing in her wedding veil
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