Hey, I'm Nicole!

An adventurous "people photographer" in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. That sounds odd, I know, "people photographer", but honestly I struggle with what to label myself because I love to capture a variety of things!

Casual Elopements? Yes.

Boudoir? Yup.

Elegant weddings? Sure do.

Formal Events like Military Balls? OHH YEAH.

So, apparently, it fits!

Let's see, more about me as a person... well, here is a snapshot (see what I did there?)

  • Mom of widely spaced children​. 22, 14, and 8. Yup. Glutton for punishment? Maybe but they all keep me inspired and moving along without feeling my age. It's 50, by the way. I still can't believe that!
  • a photographer in Colorado since 2010. I started out doing Santa photos for a company out of Arvada with a basic camera I knew nothing about. One thing led to another and here I am now. It's a wild ride, life.
  • a Michigan native. Born and raised.
  • Navy Veteran. Served aboard the USS Samuel Gompers out of Alameda, CA. My Navy days are some of my best memories. Lots of hard work and best friends I still have.
  • lived in Conway, AR for 5 years. Earned my college degree there at UCA. I still miss it sometimes.
  • moved to Colorado Springs, CO in 2010 when my new husband got orders to Ft. Carson. Been here ever since (yeah, we never moved, which is weird, I know)
  • volunteer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep which is an organization dedicated to capturing final moments of terminal or demised infants and their families in the hospital setting. Been with them for 4 years now and I will continue to offer my services for as long as they want me.

What do others say? Well, I have heard that I am easy to work with, patient, witty, kind, accommodating, creative, punctual, honest, helpful, and sometimes AMAZING is thrown in there, too. Ha! What can I say? People are my passion. It's easy being all those things when you love what you do.

I particularly enjoy luring the "real" out of the people I meet. Our human connection is what tells our story, right? It's never our weight, age, family status, or our flaws.

It is important to me that you see YOU come through in your precious photos. If I have succeeded, your final gallery will hopefully evoke a few tears and a warm and fuzzy heart. This is what drives me, and will continue to drive me, to always do my best.

I was recently featured in #ShoutOutColorado and that was something so cool for me!

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Leonela + Leandro

“I recommend Nicole 100%! Such a nice person and professional photographer. She even helped me during my getting ready for the ceremony all while taking pictures. I’m super happy that I found her 🤍 She knows how to make you feel comfortable and how to take amazing pictures”

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Nelly R.

“"My niece flew all the way from Texas just to have her senior graduation photos taken exclusively by Nicole at Garden of the Gods! She also recently photographed my son & nephew for their “Quarantined Senior Graduation” She beautifully captured what is now a story for the Class of 2020. Thank you Nicole for capturing the best memories! 💕”

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