Hi, I am Nicole.

I am a portrait photographer in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I am also a Navy veteran and forever a study of what makes people tick. There is always something to learn by observing! Could this tie into why I love photography so much? Hmm.

​I have been a photographer in Colorado since 2010. Photography truly is my passion. I very much enjoy telling your story through my lens while you are just being YOU. I particularly focus on the "real" in each individual. Our human connection is what tells our story, not our weight, age, family status, or our flaws.

It is important to me that you see that come through in your precious photos. If I have succeeded, your final gallery will hopefully evoke a few tears and a warm and fuzzy heart. This is what drives me, and will continue to drive me, to always do my best.

I was recently featured in #ShoutOutColorado and that was something so cool for me!

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Nelly R.

“"My niece flew all the way from Texas just to have her senior graduation photos taken exclusively by Nicole at Garden of the Gods! She also recently photographed my son & nephew for their “Quarantined Senior Graduation” She beautifully captured what is now a story for the Class of 2020. Thank you Nicole for capturing the best memories! 💕”

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