When it comes to choosing a print lab, a very high standard is placed. It may be ok to print a cute album of a 21st birthday party and choose a cheaper lab to print that through. With boudoir, that is absolutely NOT where it's at.


In a boudoir album, you can showcase the best of the best. Of course, you love all of your shoot images! (I do, too!) BUT, highlighting your very favorites in a handcrafted album allows you to create a personalized story of your celebration.

I am here to help with that. From the fine details to the captured emotion, your story is unique to you. Selecting the best images to preserve in print is what a boudoir album is all about!


Having a professional album is a great way to show off. Scrolling through 500 images on your laptop or tablet sounds like punishment. Nobody wants to see 75 pictures of your outfit; however, they do want to see the favorite moments that you’ve chosen to include in your album.

Make it Immortal

  • Albums are tactile permanent keepsakes. Boudoir albums won’t become obsolete or lost because of changes in technology. Hard drives fail, programs change, phones fall into toilets, and images become unseeable. A well cared for album will stand the test of time. Lo-tech means long-lasting!


Bring on the Romance

  • Boudoir albums bring on the romance! You can look at an album any day, anytime, anywhere; no screens, no cords, no apps needed! You and your partner can easily revisit one of the most magical days of your life by just turning a page. Looking through your unique album, snuggling on the couch with a cup of coffee, or sipping wine at sunset, brings on all the feels.


Be Yourself

  • You do you. Don’t think of an album as a big black square with five by sevens slipped into it. There are so many options for covers and album designs. No two albums are ever the same. Let’s create something that captures your personality, tastes, and sense of style. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.


Don’t Gamble on THIS

  • This is not the time to DIY. Can you make your own album using consumer products? Yes. As mentioned though, the quality and craftsmanship might not be on par with what your boudoir pictures deserve. After all the time it takes to research, design and order an album, you may end up with something okay or you could be very disappointed. This is not a gamble I’m willing to let you take.  


Your First Heirloom

  • A boudoir experience may very well be a once in a lifetime thing. Your boudoir album is just for YOU. Images make time stand still. The images in a professional boudoir album will be easily accessible for years to come. Can you imagine looking through your album 10, 15, 20, or 25 years from now? What a treasure! Professional albums will allow you to glimpse back at your younger self at a different time in history. Truly amazing right!?

We offer customized ordering appointments to choose album designs, sizes, textures, and much more if you choose. We can go as simple or exquisite as you like.