Preserving life's precious last moments...

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“That it shall not come again is what makes life so sweet”

What is Remembrance Portraiture?

Most of us see photography as a celebration of life's milestones and achievements. It is. Most likely, not many of us have given a ton of thought to capturing the final moments of life to keep and cherish. Yet, it can be the kindest and most honoring act of love any of us could provide.

We photograph births, birthdays, school milestones, weddings, and anniversaries. We cherish these events and photographs allow us to look back with fond memories. The precious moments of life.

This, too, is Remembrance Portraiture.

It is a short documentary of a long, healthy life well-lived.

It is a snapshot into broken hearts of mothers and fathers holding their stillborn baby.

It is a sister who wants her life, not her losing battle with breast cancer, to tell her story.

All photos are edited with care and preserved in classic black and white for future generations to appreciate, free of fleeting editing styles and fads.

Due to the delicate nature of remembrance portraiture, I will deliver a private, digital gallery of edited proofs for clients to view and choose from. I then request that favorite poses are selected for printing. I will have these selections printed through a trusted print lab and shipped to a home address in a professional and secure package. At this time, I do not offer digital-only remembrance sessions as I feel it is my duty to complete each session by doing the legwork of printing, and framing if desired, these final, precious portraits that mean so much.

It is my honor to serve you.

If you would like a confidential consultation with me about Remembrance Portraiture for yourself or loved one, please reach out to me privately at

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