Formal Events

I am proud to offer quality, professional portrait photography to the military community. I am a Navy veteran and Army spouse to my recently retired husband who served honorably for 21 years! I can absolutely relate to the unique challenges as well as the joys of being a part of these tight knit groups.

I have shot at local hotels like The Antlers, The Cheyenne Mountain Resort, and Doubletree and have a very good rapport with the decision makers at these venues.

I only require a small booking fee up front to book the date on my calendar. The rest is done on-site with customers choosing the package they want.

See flyer example below! This is what all Ball attendants use to order.

BONUS! I hand deliver all prints to the brigade/battalion. They are typically ready within 2 weeks.


Don't scroll on past just yet! Here is one more reason why you want me as your formal event photographer:

I now offer a FREE DIGITAL PHOTO BOOTH with every booked event. Yep, FREE! And who couldn't use something free, am I right?

I set up the Booth on site, typically next to where I am shooting the formal photos, and guests can step on over and get silly right away!

This is a $700 value, guys.

Let's get booked!